• Wendy Tidbold, who lives at Sheldon in Queensland, Australia, has been a Saddler for over 40 years and has been specializing in making new and restoring old Side Saddles for over 25 years.

• Side Saddles became a passion for Wendy and she learnt as much as she could from the very few Australian sources available and then made contact with the UK Side Saddle Association and the International Side Saddle Organization in the USA.

• She started rebuilding Side Saddles from the tree up as there were only old saddles around with dip seats. Occasionally, a more modern Side Saddle with a flat seat would turn-up.

• She traveled to the UK in 1995 & 1999 and had lessons with the master of Side Saddle riding and acknowledged world authority on Side Saddles, Roger Philpot. She also competed in the 3 day UK Side Saddle Show in Warwickshire in 1999.

• In 2002, she went to the USA for the 3 day Side Saddle Spectacular at the Kentucky Horse Park making contact with USA saddlers. She brought a Western American Side Saddle tree home with her.

• Apart from learning from the limited number of Master Saddlers specializing in Side Saddles, she had the opportunity to work under two Master saddlers in the UK at the Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury acquiring the finer skills in the making of both Side Saddles and Dressage Saddles.

• There is only a handful of saddlers in the world that specialize in the making of Side Saddles. Wendy’s Side Saddles have been made not only for Australian customers, but also for customers in New Zealand.

• She is a member of the Saddlers & Harness Makers Association of Australia which promotes Australian made products.

• She has been a member Redlands & Southern Districts Equestrian Group for over 25 years and served as the club’s President for 10 years. Wendy enjoys the company of the horse enthusiasts in the club and still competes in dressage events.

• Wendy has done three Side Saddle segments on the Channel 10’s kids show, Totally Wild, a segment on Channel 9s Brisbane Extra, plus an ABC National Radio interview during the recent Royal Queensland Show. Whilst in the UK she participated with a top American and a champion English Side Saddle rider in a documentary for the Discovery TV Channel.

• In 2002 she rode in Brisbane’s first Equitana held at the Exhibition & Convention Centre performing a Pas De Deux Side Saddle over 5 nights. This is an all breeds horse show where individual horse acts are performed to music under laser lighting, the show originating from Europe.

• Wendy is very keen to continue promoting Side Saddle riding and keep the interest alive. She gives private and group Side Saddle riding lessons, accepts invitations by Pony Clubs and groups to bring her own saddles and demonstrate / teach Side Saddle riding.

• Wendy holds a Side Saddle Instructors Certificate from the U.K. Side Saddle Association.




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