My name is Wendy Tidbold and I live at Sheldon in Queensland, Australia. I have been a Saddler for 40 years and have been specializing in making new and restoring old Side Saddles for over 25 years. I have been promoting Side Saddles in Australia for many years and I am involved with a number of Side Saddle organizations overseas.

I have undertaken extensive research into the art of making and fitting of Side Saddles and have customers both in Australia and overseas.

I also make custom made dressage saddles and a full range of horse accessories, including those items that cant be purchased off the shelf. Repairs and repacking to all types of saddles is undertaken.

All my work is guaranteed, only best quality leather is used and anything you need can be made to order.

In addition to being a Saddler, and a member of the Saddlers and Harness Makers Association of Australia, I also ride and compete in both dressage and Side Saddle events and teach the art of riding Side Saddle.

You will find a lot of interesting information on my website and you are welcome to contact me.


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