Period Costume

Wendy (wearing outfit copied from 1880's) & Leo (Andalusian gelding), a "Day at the Races" Ladies Oaks Day, Eagle Farm Racecourse, Brisbane 2010.

Period Costume

Wendy (wearing green velvet outfit copied from 1880's) & Leo giving a Side Saddle demonstration at a Heritage Festival at Tamborine House, 2011.

Formal Habit

Wendy (wearing formal Habit) & Sirocco Mac (Australian Stock Horse), competing at Brisbane Royal Show, 2008.

Group of Side Saddle Riders

Marlies Ravn, Joan Pedersen & Wendy Tidbold, Side Saddle demonstration, Queensland Festival of Dressage, Pine Lodge Equestrian Centre, Thornlands, 2010.

Tapestry Saddle

I made this Tapestry Side Saddle by copying it from a photograph out of a book. The original saddle was made circa 1880's. I built it on a very old tree and it has a dip seat and a third off-side horn, not recommended for today's riding. Some of the old Side Saddles had carpet or velvet covered seats.

Dip Seat Saddle

This saddle dates back to the 18th century, with a dip seat, narrow horns and third off-side horn, it rides uphill, positioning the rider's weight to the back of the saddle which could tend to give a horse a sore back. It is not recommended for today's riding.

Modern Side Saddle

This style of saddle was designed in the early 19th century with a flat seat and larger horns (no off-side horn) enabling the rider's weight to be evenly distributed from front to back which provides the rider with a more upright and comfortable position. This style of Side Saddle is recommended for today's riding.

Side Saddle Lessons

Please contact me if you would like to have a Side Saddle lesson, either private or I can come to a group of 4 riders or more and do a clinic. I have Side Saddles for you to ride in, all you need is your horse. I have a Side Saddle Instructors Certificate from the UK.



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