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• Balance strap

• Fitzwilliam girth, 3 buckle folded leather

• 2 Buckle girth folded leather

• Adjustable 2 buckle leather girth, fit Pony to full size

• Stirrup leather stitched Side Saddle length

• Shaped saddle cloth for Side Saddle


• Cavesson Bridle, single reins (bits not included)

• Turnout Bridle bit & bardoon (bit not included)

• Carry bag, felt lined, zipped, strong webbing handles

• Reins – extra length for Side Saddle

• Polo shirts with Side Saddle Logo



• Side Saddle canes, kangaroo plaited

• Safety break – away stirrup iron

• Side Saddle stirrup irons

• Spur strap and top boot straps PR

• Veils for Bowler & Top Hats from England

• Side Saddle apron patterns

• Side Saddle aprons made to order


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